Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The French Riviera: Nice is Nice

Photo Journal: Nice, France | July 2015

I am talking about the city, of course, which as it turns out, is very, very nice. I had the chance to spend a day there with my sister during our mini getaway to the French Riviera, and while our stay was short, we were hooked immediately. I don't know what got me most: the breathtaking seaside views, the pastel-painted passages, or the bronzy boys in banana-hammocks (just kidding, Dad). It was 100° F during our entire trip, so my sister was more than gracious with me when I dragged her and her suitcase up a small mountain for the best views in the city, but it was totally worth it. We tracked down the famous ice creamery, Fenocchi, which was so very average, We went to a little seaside restaurant called La Loraine for dinner. Sally picked it because it had happy purple chairs and tables everywhere. Color-picking seems to be the way to go for restaurants, as we had the most mouthwatering fresh seafood pizza––definitely one of the best meals I have had during my year in France. Stomachs full, we caught a bus out to the countryside where we were staying with a friend of a friend in their home nestled in the hills of the South of France. We fell asleep to crickets singing us a French lullaby. This was going to be a good trip.

Have you ever been to Nice? What were favorite sights? We had such a short time there that I'm bound to go back, and I'd love to hear your ideas on what to do when we aren't melting into the sand. 

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