Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hey Ya'll, from Texas

Now listen up, ya'll. There is a new tumbleweed twirlin', coffee bean buckin' sheriff in town. Maybe not exactly new–Folks and Sparrow will be celebrating its one year anniversary this month. And it's not exactly Texan; its other two chains are in New York and Woodstock, Georgia. But still, trust me, this friendly concept-coffee-and-specialty-foods shop will make you want to trade in your beret for a ten-gallon Stetson. Folks and Sparrow, the laid-back, tobacco chewing southern drawl brother of the cafe lot found in the Republique-Oberkampf area. At first glance, F&S seems like a regular mix of table space and wifi with some light lunch faire and frothy coffees. But the second that Marshall radio whines out a wispy drag of country hits from yesteryear, your synapses snap to attention like the crack of a bullwhip: this little pocket of Paris is not so Parisian. 

 Maybe it's the Texas longhorn cattle skull framing the back wall that gives it away. Or the Navajo style rugs, the prairie grass bouquets, the... socks made in Italy?

Well, maybe this place is suffering from a bit of global disorientation... it is an American country boy trying to make its place in Paris, after all. And to make things worse, I ordered an Italian cappuccino when I visited... Now my internal world compass is spinning pirouettes. But my mischievous heart is happy having found a bit of Texas twang kicking up dust amongst all these highfalutin dandies and Parisian cafes. 

Be sure to stop by for a glass. Maybe if we petition, they'll add sarsaparilla to the carte des boissons.
14 rue Saint Sebastien, 75011 Paris, France
Tue - Sun: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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