Saturday, April 11, 2015

Broken Arm

Having been nagged nonstop by my fellow expats about the glories of this cafe-meets-concept-shop in the Haute Marais, I finally made it for a brunch with two of my beautiful friends from French class for a midweek brunch. The first thing I notice is how unnoticeable it was. I almost missed it as I walked by distracted by the ever lovely Square du Temple across the street. This shop wasn't begging to be found by the random street bumbler; it reserved its charms for those whose seek it out.

Inside the cafe was beautiful lit from the windows that wrap around the corner building. There seemed to be more than one business meeting going on, but who could blame them for trading their cubicle for an airy, soothing cafe in the 3rd. The large window facing the park gives an especially gratifying view, with the latest newspapers and magazines in both French and English sprawled on the window seat.

After perusing the menu (and other people's plates), I ordered the carrot, pear, and celery juice. And I just couldn't resist a slice of their beguiling poppyseed cake. I repeated: Juice is healthy. Juice is healthy, as I stuffed my face with crumbling, moist morning cake. La vie est belle. We had really come for the famous blueberry ombre cheesecake we had heard so much about, but they weren't serving it at breakfast, for some reason.... We were delighted to find out it was sourced from another shop nearby, Rachel's Cakes, if ever we were in the cheesecake craving mood--and when aren't we? (The Broken Arm also serves brunch and lunch options cooked by Swedish chef Linda Granebring, but with the menu staying true to trendy Paris prices, I decide to save my precious centiemes for the rest of my coffee house ventures.)

Okay but here's the truth.
Much as I had heard this cafe praised, I really didn't care for it! It felt a little too, ummm... sterile? I like my cafes full of character, a little crowded, and with something remarkable about it, whether it's the barista or the history or the prices... This place, c'est nul. But if you are looking for a casual business meeting environment with plenty of natural light and quiet surroundings, The Broken Arm should top off your list.

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