Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Innsbruck the Majestic

Another lookbook edition to the blog. Sometimes words distract from the story, so I'll sum up our time in Innsbruck in as few words as possible.

First, a shameless plug for where we stayed. We arrived with no idea where we were staying, hoping we could find a room at one of the local hostels. We happened upon the cutest hostel called Nepomunk, nestled in a little side street right in the center of Old Towne Innsbruck, right above the neighborhood bakery. The bakery and hostel owner said they started the hostel as a side business for the fun of meeting new travelers. It's a true blast from the past: they don't advertise or accept reservations online; they'd rather meet their guests face to face and talk a bit about their travels. They do everything on paper, from the reservations to the payment to checkout. Oh, and that little bakery. Every morning they invite their hostel guests to a breakfast of rolls and cereal and cake... The second morning was apple strudel! And not wanting us to get hungry later in the day, they made sure the hostel kitchen was stocked with coffee, tea, pasta, soup stock, and basic cooking ingredients. We ended up only spending 2€ a day on food in Innsbruck! It was also an incredibly clean and comfortable hostel, apparently one of the best, but this was my first one, so I wouldn't know (spoiled!). All this hospitality, for a whopping 24€ a night!!! Yes, please and thank you.

Our mountain climbing activities include quenching our thirst from a fresh glacial brook, singing little ditties from The Sound of Music, and sliding down forest paths of ice in tennis shoes. Oh, and sunbathing/meditating on the side of the mountain. We climbed to 1067 ft above sea level, not too crazy impressive but we were in the snow! I only fell epically twice, but I think the mountain heard out other near tumbles. We were lapped by many an apt elderly mountaineer--gotta get me some of those hiking sticks. Oh, and maybe not climb in zero traction trainers next time. And now without further adieu...

Day 1:

The Schnapps Shop. Nauseating smell, but beautiful colors.

Dining in style at Chez Nemopunk. Note our high-grade parmesan cheese bag.
Day 2:

Day 3:
The mountain we climbed Day 2 
Visiting all the major Innsbruck churches
Stunning interiors 
An dapper Austrian man teaching his kid how to cross the street with style.
Meanwhile, I learned how to sport a drindl. (Sorry for the bad phone quality.)
We absolutely fell in love with Innsbruck, and it was so hard to leave these beautiful mountains behind. But it our least leg of our journey awaited us... And we were in for a wild ride.

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