Monday, September 1, 2014

Tomorrow is the day!

Pack. Unpack. Eliminate. Repeat.

Welcome to my last 48 hours. I am packing one suitcase for my year in Paris. You can see the dilemma. The current issue is the winter coat. I have one that I adore from Banana Republic that I got on a TRIPLE sale when I worked there three years ago. A herringbone tweed peacoat with a black fur collar that has just enough flair without being garish... a gem. It just oozes Paris. But it also takes up some big-time real estate. And my suitcase is already weighing in right on the 50 pound ticker. 

Does it really matter? No. But I'd rather obsess about my packing than the fact that tomorrow I fly away from everyone I know to a foreign country to stay for the next year. Just me, an empty passport, and a one way ticket.

How did we finally get here? After 6 months of planning, dreaming, dreading, and praying, I am flying to Paris-- tomorrow. So many moments of "There is no way this would actually happen."
I have so much to blog about this whole process so far, and I haven't even boarded the flight yet! 

But for my last night in the ol' U. S. A., I think I'll enjoy the little moments with my precious family (who I will miss so much!) playing games, watching movies, and nestling those moments deep into my heart. And later on, on one or many a cold winter night far from home, I will find that place and burrow deep into the warm solace of familiarity and memories with those you love the most.

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